Butter… After centuries of use, it’s still famed for its surprisingly broad applications in today’s foods. An ingredient that’s fully natural, provides lots of vitamins and adds a delicious creamy taste. Butter leads to richer flavors and is also used in many food products to enhance their color, texture and sensation to the highest possible levels.

Since taste is crucial, butter is crucial

For decades, Campina has been providing a large variety of butter, milk fats and butter specialties for different segments of the food industry. Bakeries, chocolate producers and many ice and dairy companies: they all use our wide range of butters to enhance their products, such as biscuits, croissants, dairy spreads, cakes, ice creams, recombined milk drinks and many more.

For all these diverse producers, flavor is the crucial factor. And therefore butter is the crucial ingredient. Because aside from the nutritional value of our butter products, their main purpose is to bring out the highest possible taste in our customer’s products. Yet butter is much more than a flavor enhancer: it also determines the texture, creaminess, softness and spreadability. From the looks of a delicacy to the sensation when consumed, it all results from using the right kind of butter.

Advice on the functional qualities of butter

Due to our long history, we know our products and their applications in the dairy market. We use our knowledge and years of experience to consult our customers on the functional properties of our butters. We help them to produce better and tastier foods, such as chocolates that won’t bloom, a croissant with exactly the right layering, or butters with a precisely fixed melting point for a more efficient and reliable production process.

Butter and the incredibly fascinating and diverse ways it can be used, never seize to amaze us. That’s why we constantly adapt our products and team up with our customers to invent new and innovative products. The value and possible uses of butter keep on growing, as we adapt and enhance our products to Bring out the best!