Only the highest quality milk, provided by our member-farmers, is used as an ingredient for our butter products. Together with the expertise of our employees who adjust our butter’s functionalities to the desired applications, this ensures a butter that is rich in flavor and offers the highest quality. Their superior taste and industrial functionality reveals our long history of artisan knowledge and experience.

No other ingredient can compare to the distinctive taste of butter. Yet its rich creamy flavor is not the only reason why bakeries use butter for their biscuits, cakes, brioches, croissants, chocolate buns and other delicacies. They also value butter for its effects on specific textures, colors and mouthfeel.

As a market leader for the bakery industry in Europe, we also serve our range of butter products to industrial bakeries in China and the rest of Asia. From our factories in the Dutch cities of Noordwijk, Lochem and Den Bosch, we primarily offer the popular ranges of Traditional Butters, Performance Butters and Performance AMF to industrial bakers.

Specific products for specific requirements

We serve industrial bakers with a large variety of Campina butters and anhydrous milk fats (AMF). Each type is tailored to bring out the best in both our customer’s specific end-products and their production process. Take our butters that reduce moisture release on our costumers production line, butters enhanced to create an extra crispy or light and airy end-product, or butters tailored to ensure their miscibility. Since the means and circumstances of production can vary greatly from baker to baker, we also have tailor-made solutions for producing in warmer environments, for bakers who need to rely on an exact melting point or wish to add additional ingredients to our butters, and many more.

Another valuable service is that we can deliver our butter products at the desired temperature, to allow our customers to immediately process the butters on delivery. We offer the same flexibility in the choice of packaging, quantities and portions, as well as time of delivery. Every aspect is tailored to each customer’s desires.

Our employees are dedicated to enhance our butter products to ever-higher standards. And every day, we meet and consult our customers to investigate together how we can enhance the added value of our products. Every day, we strive to bring out the best of our products and processes, and of those of our customers.

Bring out the best!