Milk fat is called the ‘golden ingredient’ of chocolate. This essential component is even one of the few ingredients that may be lawfully added to chocolate. And thus our customers require a product with a constant and reliable quality. We can deliver the high-quality milk fat specialties they need, by using only the best creams of our member farmers for our products. We can also guarantee quality by closely monitoring the whole internal supply chain from milk to end-product (in other words, from grass to glass). Only few suppliers have this level of control. Our supply chain has many quality checks to test both the quality at our members’ dairy farms and at our own factories. And we keep raising the bars at every stage, every day again.


High-quality milk fat specialties, service, quick and reliable delivery

Guaranteed quality also means a high level of service and quick, reliable delivery. Many of our customers have a 24-hour production cycle and thus need to trust on a continuous and reliable input of ingredients. Naturally, we cater to this demand by offering top delivery conditions for our top products. Through our flexible and innovative approach, we live up to our credo of bringing out the best in the products and processes of both ourselves and our customers’.

With our Research & Development division, we present ourselves as a partner for our customers. We regularly meet to discuss further innovations and explore the developments of milk fat specialties, looking for new means that can help our customers to take the lead. This is how our diverse range of superior milk fat specialties came to be, each designed towards a specific functional goal. We have AMF-products that significantly enhance the firmness and fracture properties of chocolate. Some milk fats prevent chocolate blooming or are enhanced for an optimal buttery taste, while others lead to a softer and smoother bite sensation.

Innovations that keep our customers thriving

Every day again, our employees fully commit themselves to the highest quality levels while producing our milk fats. We never stop looking for new ways to enhance the added value our products offer to our customers. Every day, we strive to optimize both our own products and processes, as well as those of our customers.

Bring out the best!