As one of the most nutritious natural food sources in the world, milk fat is widely used in many kinds of dairy foods. Think of dairy spreads or recombined dairy products like yoghurt drinks and whipped cream, but also in many other kinds, such as processed cheese and cream cheese. Recombined dairy products are especially popular in Asian countries, due to their lack of fresh dairy sources. Many of them rely on our tasty milk fat specialties to enhance these products with a rich creamy flavor.

Dutch origins

European dairy producers, with FrieslandCampina as European market leader, are known as the most reputable throughout the world. Our climate is perfect for the dairy industry, allowing our cows to be outdoors in their meadows. This has an effect on the taste of milk fats, which are richer and creamier as a result. The cooperation of FrieslandCampina consists of 13.696 dairy farm companies and more than 19.054 member-farmers in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. With over 140 years of experience in cooperative entrepreneurship and after operating in the dairy business for 125 years, we’ve developed an unrivaled level of professionalism. By using only the creams of our own member-suppliers and fully managing the whole process from grass to glass through many quality-monitors, both our products and our supply services always offer a reliable and constant high quality.

Innovations and developments to the benefit of our customers

Our product range offers a wide choice of milk fat options that grant specific functional advantages to the dairy industry. Some products enhance the taste, the color or textures. Together with our Research & Development division, we present ourselves as a partner for our customers. We regularly meet to discuss further innovations and together make sure that the further developments of our milk fat specialties will be to the actual benefit of our customers. By catering to their needs and desires when innovating our products, and through our flexible and reliable delivery services, we live up to our credo: to bring out the best, both in our own products and processes and in those of our customers. And the best keeps on getting better.

Bring out the best!