Butter has a one-of-a-kind taste. Yet this fully natural product, authentic and rich in vitamins, is mostly valued for the endless ways in which it can be applied to enrich almost any kind of food product. And it’s exactly this feature that explains why butter can add so much value. Added as an ingredient, it brings out the best of the products’ natural qualities. And not only by adding a deliciously rich flavor, but also through enhancing the textures, colors and mouthfeel of delicacies.

Broad range of butter products for oils and fats

Campina’s butters and butter products are processed in the end-products of many diverse fats and oils producers. Our range of Original AMF, Performance Butter and Performance AMF offer a broad choice of butter products that grand specific functional advantages, exclusively designed for the production of fats and oils. Some of our of products enhance the buttery taste, ease the spreading or guarantee that products remain liquid in cool environments, while others emphasize the authentic and natural properties of butter.

Reliable service of high-range products

With our Research & Development division, we present ourselves as a partner to our customers. We regularly discuss innovations and further developments to our high quality milk fat specialties. Together with our clients, we’ re able to grant ever higher quality levels to their fats and oils. We always cater to their needs and desires, both by adjusting our products and through our flexible and reliable delivery services. That’s how we live up to our credo: to bring out the best, both in our own products and processes and in those of our costumers.

We can guarantee the top quality of our milk fat specialties by using only the highest grades of cream, supplied by our own member-farmers. Another unique asset is that we can internally manage the complete supply chain from milk to end-product (in other words, from grass to glass). Within that supply chain, we’ve integrated several different quality systems to closely monitor the quality at both our members’ dairy farms and at our own factories. And we keep raising the bars at every stage, every day again.

Bring out the best!