As a natural product with a delicious creamy flavor, Campina butter is the product of choice for many ice cream producers. They recognize the fact that we only select the very best among the cream from our member-farmers, for milk fats tailored to the specific needs of the ice cream industry. It grants their delicacies the optimal taste and quality, guaranteed by our long history of artisan knowledge and product experience.

We’ve developed a diverse range of milk fats, offering a specific functionality for any kind of ice cream. Some enhance the ice cream’s creamy flavor, while others can be used to determine (or influence) its melting behavior. Other varieties have an effect on the texture and mouthfeel. All of these products were composed in close cooperation with our customers, to ensure they truly offer what’s needed by the actual user.

We react to our customer’s needs

With our Research & Development division, we present ourselves as a partner to our customers. By deciding on innovations and further developments together, we ensure that the constant improvements to our high quality milk fat specialties offer an actual benefit to our ice cream producing costumers. By catering to their needs and desires, both by adjusting our products and through our flexible and reliable delivery services, we live up to our credo: to bring out the best, both in our own products and processes and in those of our customers.

We can guarantee the high quality of our milk fat specialties by selecting only the best among the cream of our members’ dairy farms to process our products. Another advantage is that we are one of the few companies that fully manages the whole production chain, from milk to end-product. From ‘ grass to glass’ , we can monitor the quality at each and every step of the process. And the standards are constantly improving, both at our member-farmers and in our own factories.

Bring out the best!