Our brand Campina Traditional Butter offers butter products made of traditionally churned fresh cream. These butters are partly shipped in boxes of 25 kilograms to our customers around Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. These butters are then processed to consumer amounts of butter, available in retail outlets under several different brands.

All these different brands, with their own tastes and characters, are made with our Campina Traditional Butter, made of the only the best creams, provided from Holland by our member-farmers. Some of these brands also add fresh herbs to our Campina Traditional Butter, leading to their delicious garlic butters.

Consistent high quality

Our Campina Traditional Butter is especially appreciated for its reliable and consistent high quality. That’s because after years of experimenting and improving our methods, we are now able to offer a constant product throughout the year, without the effects of seasonal variations. Since we manage and closely monitor the full production process from glass to grass and use only the best creams from our own member-farmers, we can guarantee there’s not even the slightest deviation in quality or taste all through the year. Another advantage of controlling the full supply chain is that we can always guarantee delivery.

Our customers also value our excellent service and the core values on which we base our conduct. We are flexible and reliable, pay attention to sustainability and make sure all of our products can be traced to their original source.

A choice for Campina Butter is a choice for a product with a reliable quality and a pure taste. It means choosing a product that brings out the best.

Bring out the best!