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FrieslandCampina values a down-to-earth and common-sense business approach. We represent the interests of both our customers and member-farmers within the dairy business, while showing concern for our environment and that of future generations.

As one of the largest dairy companies in the world, we focus on long-term sustainable growth instead of reacting to market fluctuations. By acting responsibly and transparently, our goal is to use our craftsmanship to produce the best-possible products, while creating value for both our customers and our dairy farm members. Our five core values are central to every aspect of our identity and conduct. And it clearly shows, as proven by the many companies who prefer FrieslandCampina’s butter and related products above all others.

Our core values are:

  • Product quality
    Product quality
    Together with our dairy farm members, we guarantee our customers a consistent and high quality for each of our products. By using only the best grades of cream our member-farmers provide, and ensuring that their functionalities and easy processing will contribute to a smoother and more efficient production process. Our production chain, managed by ourselves at each step from grass to glass, is monitored by our quality control system: Foqus. This helps to ensure quality and prevent any disturbances or other issues in our processes. In case any emergency does occur, the traceability of our products allows to quickly respond with the right measures.
  • Logistical excellence
    Logistical excellence
    We like to help our customers improve their products, as well as their production processes. Our guaranteed delivery allows them to plan their production far ahead in time and relieves their need for large storage space. Our huge diversity of products and compositions cater to every need and application, which means our customers can produce more quickly and efficiently, and thus more cost-efficiently.
  • Sustainability
    As one of the largest dairy companies of the world, we cannot deny our responsibility to conduct our business in a sustainable way. That’s only part of our duty, just like stimulating our own members to keep improving the sustainability of their dairy farm operations. Responsible business also means we offer healthy dairy foods, provide food security and respond to nutritional deficiencies. Our knowledge and expertise are shared with small-scale dairy farmers in Africa and Asia, allowing them to improve their productivity and quality and raise their family income. Lastly, we aspire to achieve carbon-neutral growth, both at individual dairy farms and in our general business operations.
  • Traceability
    Our dairy company manages the full chain of milk processing from grass to glass. That means all our products can be retraced back through the production chain to their origins. It allows us to respond quickly to any interferences within the process. The higher the level of control and transparency at every step of the process, the lower the risks for our customers and their eventual consumers.
  • Dutch origin
    Dutch origin
    Royal Friesland Campina is the largest dairy cooperation within the European Union. With exactly 13.696 dairy company members and over 19 thousand Dutch dairy farm members in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, our experience as a cooperative company extends to over 140 years. We’ve learned to use only the best of the creams our members provide, in a process that’s shaped by decades of expert craftsmanship. Dairy from Europe, and especially of Dutch origin, is highly regarded in many countries. Since the Dutch climate is perfect for dairy farms, Dutch cows spend more time outdoors in the meadows. Their diet of grass and additional concentrated feeds result in a creamer and richer-tasting milk, and in thus milk fats that are beloved all over the world.