We believe in the unlimited possibilities of milkfat


Milk is one of the richest sources of nutrition in the world. Driven by our fascination for milk and milk fats, we’ re always working on the next groundbreaking invention that will improve the dairy market of the future. We’re convinced that the full potential of milk and milk fat ─ and the nutrients they offer us ─ have yet to be discovered. For our clients using Campina butter, this means that we’re focusing on the functional features of our butter day after day, to help them produce even better and tastier products.

We believe in the benefits of sharing knowledge. It’s our duty, if we truly want to bring out the best. For this purpose, we have our own Research & Development team, as part of FrieslandCampina’s innovation center. All our R&D-teams, about 450 employees in total, share their efforts here in our laboratories, food test rooms, pilot plants and bakeries and in our ‘innovation kitchen’. The effects and applications of milk fats are constantly examined and improved by the combined knowledge and experience of our research teams. This is where our innovations are born and new product improvements are discovered, sometimes in close cooperation with other research and science centers.

Broad perspective on the dairy industry

After operating in the dairy market for decades, we have a fundamental knowledge of milk and milk fat. Being a cooperation, we take a broad perspective on our industry, allowing us to focus on innovations that truly innovate the actual dairy market. We are capable of offering butter (and related products) with a consistent quality throughout the year, and have developed butter specialties that tackle specific production issues in our customers’ processes. Think of products with hardly any moisture release, or that prevent the blooming of chocolate. Our butters and products can be delivered in any desired temperature, improving the efficiency of production for our customers. And that’s only a few examples of all the innovations and special features that we’ve realized, in close partnership with our clients.


Optimization of products and processes

We prefer to work on innovations of products and processes in close cooperation with our clients. Presenting ourselves as a partner in innovation works to the benefit of everyone. Every aspect of our product gets the deserved attention, whether it’s about taste, ease of processing, functionality or health issues. We observe and analyze our clients’ factories, advise on the use of our products and offer solutions for specific production issues. In short, we bring out the best!