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Bring out the best with FrieslandCampina

“Every day we put all our efforts in producing innovative and tasty dairy products that serve everyone right. Throughout the whole chain, from our farmers to consumers, we commit ourselves to consistently high-quality products, delivering on our promises, safeguarding transparent farming and being a frontrunner in sustainability. This is how our Dutch founders started over 130 years ago and how we hope to work for generations to come to bring out the best for you.”

Decades of experience in producing butter and milk fat specialties has taught us how to be today’s most successful supplier of butter products to large industrial consumers. And as it might show, we feel a certain pride in having this position. Our products offer the highest quality levels available, consistently throughout the seasons. Produced from only the highest grades of cream our dairy farm members provide, our butters truly add value and help to bring out the best in the foods and delicacies of our customers. Bring out the best!

Producer of consistent high-quality products

Our credo to ‘Bring out the best’, also defines the way we approach our customers in our cooperation and services. The endless ways in which we accommodate their needs and desires, give true meaning to the word ‘flexibility’. Whether it’s about tailoring our products, the types of packaging, delivery options or warehousing, you will always find a flexible and reliable partner in us. We particularly value our role as a service provider and product innovator, looking into our clients’ production processes and advise on the improvements we can make together. Where our customers feel appreciation, we feel it as our duty. Bring out the best!

Flexibility, reliability, sustainability, transparency

In serving our customers and representing the interests of our member-farmers within the dairy industry, we act as a reliable and flexible partner. Yet we also show concern for the interests of our environment, for now and in the future. Our goal is to create value for our customers and members in the most sustainable and transparent way possible. To achieve this, we base our identity, conduct and activities on five core values. Read all about our values here.