All our butters and milk fat specialties are produced in our three FrieslandCampina-plants, located in Noordwijk, Den Bosch and Lochem


All our butters and milk fat specialties are produced in our three FrieslandCampina-plants, located in Noordwijk, Den Bosch and Lochem. This network of production facilities allows us to supply our customers reliably, since we can transfer parts of our butter production between our plants if necessary.

Safety and quality are paramount in each of our plants. We are always working on improvements to our sturdy and foolproof production methods, to assure that all our employees, suppliers and visitors can return home safely after a hard days’ work. Each of our plants aspires to be the world leader, with each location having its own unique features and performances. We take pride in that, and we’re not afraid to hide it.

Noordwijk: Bring out the best!

Noordwijk (province of Groningen) is where FrieslandCampina produces her milk fat specialties for the industrial market: cream products, milk fats with a variety of fixed melting points, butters and blends of milk fat and vegetable oils. Our employees at Noordwijk produce a total amount of 140 end products, all based on the needs and demands of our customers. Noordwijk is also one of the few plants in Holland (and thus in the rest of the world) where milk fats can be fractionated. It allows Noordwijk to offer milk fat with a constant melting point and consistent quality in any season of the year. For our customers, this means a huge efficiency improvement and reduced production costs, as our large number of industrial clients throughout the world can confirm. That’s what we mean we say: Bring out the best!

Den Bosch: Bring out the best!

Den Bosch is FrieslandCampina’s only butter site where dairy products are made for both the industrial and consumer markets. While the latter are mostly butter products in wraps of 250 grams, Den Bosch also serves several dozens of milk fat and vegetable oil blends for primarily the Asian industries. These blends are especially desired for their attractive buttery taste, as well as their easy blending. Den Bosch is also the only location where skimmed milk is not only transported by tank trucks, but also though a freight ship carrying milk over the channel of Zuid-Willemskanaal. With a total capacity of 20 tank trucks, this drastically reduces transportation costs. An approved method of more efficient and sustainable operations.

Lochem: Bring out the best!

Around 10% of all our milk and 55% of our total cream is processed at Lochem, which makes it FrieslandCampina’s largest cream processing factory. The production chain is carefully designed to handle these enormous supplies of cream and milk. Our employees process the cream and milk to different types of butter, butter products, milk powder and specialized milk proteins (sold by our partners of DOMO® under their brand name Refit®). A total of about 100 different end products are made for worldwide distribution. And exactly because of this enormous output, quality is the main focus at Lochem. It guarantees our customers will have products with a consistent and high quality, every day of the year.