The good thing about butter is that it’s a wholly natural product, made of delicious milk, as you can taste. That’s why butter is increasingly preferred over margarine or vegetable fats. Butter is a tasteful and fair product with authentic natural qualities, containing vitamins A,D,E and K. In short, butter is enriching!

High quality milk fat specialties that enhance your product

We’ve been producing butters and related products for decades, within our broad and varied ranges of Traditional Butter, Original AMF, Performance Butter, Performance AMF, Blends, Creams and Specialties. All our butters and butter specialties have one thing in common: they’re guaranteed to enrich the taste of our customers’ end products and enhance their texture, mouthfeel, creaminess and smoothness, for better looks and taste.

We know all about our products and are fascinated by the many advantages butter can offer through its many possible applications. We’re also familiar with the dairy market and know how to product milk fat specialties of an unrivaled quality, enhancing both our customers’ end products as well as their processes. If you choose Campina Butter, you will choose for consistent high quality and a fully natural taste. It’s a choice for a product that brings out the best.

From grass to glass

Our long history of artisan knowledge and experience guarantees a superior taste and quality. Our butters and milk fat specialties are all made from pasteurized cream, supplied by our own dairy farm members and processed in one of our three butter plants (in the Dutch towns of Noordwijk, Lochem and Den Bosch). Since we use only the very best grades of cream and manage the complete production chain from grass to glass, the consistent high quality and traceability of our products are always guaranteed.

Together with our consistent quality, a low risk due to the traceability and guaranteed security of supply, we also offer maximum flexibility in our delivery options. We can supply our products in any kind of packaging, at any preferred temperature. Any kind of service to make our customer’s production processes as smooth and easy as we can, is simply part our duty. After all, our pledge to bring out the best does not only apply to our products, but to our whole package of services.

Bring out the best!