Along our many valuable butters and butter products, we also produce dairy blends from butter, milk fat or cream. Based on our customers’ desires, we blend our dairy products with the right percentage of vegetable oils and/or additional flavors and fragrances. Our diverse range of blends not only differs in their ingredients, but also in the proportion of these ingredients and in packaging options, as determined by our customers’ desires. Our blends are mostly used for the production of ice cream, chocolate (fillings), bakery and dairy products.

The Asian dairy market in particular is showing more and more interests in the blends produced by FrieslandCampina. Although vegetable fats are traditionally the Asian standard, demands for milk fat are continually rising. In contrast to vegetable fats, milk fat is a natural product and offers a better taste. The blends we offer accommodate to this rising demand.

Dutch dairy

Dutch dairy products have a very high reputation in Asia, as our climate is very favorable to the dairy industry. Dutch cows spend lots of time in their outdoor meadows, which leads to milk fats products with a richer and creamier taste. With over 140 years of experience in cooperative entrepreneurship and after operating in the dairy business for 125 years, our products are guaranteed to prove an unrivaled level of professionalism. By using only the creams supplied by our own member-farmers and fully managing the whole process from grass to glass through many quality-monitors, both our products and our supply services always offer a reliable and constant high quality. This has made FrieslandCampina one of the most popular suppliers of milk fats to the Asian world.

Because our blends are not only made from Cream, Traditional Butter or Original AMF, but also from the high-range Performance Butter and Performance AMF, we can carefully adjust the functional properties of our blends, such as taste, texture and melting point.

Two products deserve special attention

Campina Blends Paralin:  Product Sheet | Campina Blends Paralin

Campina Blends Compound:  Product Sheet | Campina Blends Compound