One of the main specialties amongst our butters, AMF’s and milkfat blends, is our top-quality Campina Cream. This beautiful and fully natural product grants an unmatched creamy flavor and sensation to a wide range of products, from ice creams to oils and dairy snacks. Cream has an enhancing effect, maximizing the qualities of our customers’ products. You could say it brings out the best

The pasteurized Campina Cream from our Dutch dairy farms is famous throughout the world for its unique and fresh dairy taste. All our cream products are guaranteed to be made of fresh cream from only the best grades our member-farmers provide. Produced at the highest-possible levels of quality demands, our creams are carefully tailored to their specific application in the food industry.

Our Campina Cream 70 specialty is a concentrated cream with a milk fat level of 70%. This product is delivered frozen at our costumers’ production sites, optimizing both quality and shelf life. The fresh creamy taste is by far the most important advantage of Campina Cream 70, along with the added benefit of having lower transportation costs compared to standard cream products with milk fat contents of 40%.

Bring out the best!