Along with our butters, we also produce a range of Anhydrous Milk Fats (AMF), also known as concentrated butter. Campina Original AMF consists for 99.9% of milk fat, made from fresh cream. It’s produced according to the highest-possible quality demands, especially tailored to applications in the food industry. The pasteurized cream we use for Campina Original AMF comes from our own dairy farm members, guaranteeing both its traceability and outstanding natural taste.

Original AMF is processed in our butter factories in the Dutch cities of Lochem and Noordwijk, meant to serve as an ingredient for a wide variety of foods, from ice cream and chocolate to oils and bakery products. In accordance with its wide usage, we offer an equally flexible range of packaging and delivery options. Original AMF can be shipped in boxes (of different sizes), IBC’s, drums and even tank trucks. The liquid variants (shipped in drums, IBC’s or tank trucks) are primarily delivered to producers of ice creams, margarines, chocolates and dairy foods (such as recombined milk drinks). The boxed portions of Campina Original AMF mostly find their way to bakeries, but are also widely used by ice cream and chocolate producers.

For more information about AMF’s features and benefits: Product Sheet | Campina Original AMF (pdf)