Performance AMF

Along with our butters, we also produce a range of Anhydrous Milk Fats (AMF), also known as concentrated butter. Campina Performance AMF is especially developed for the food industry and widely used by traditional bakeries, and as an ingredient for ice cream, chocolate, pralines and several kinds of dairy products. The main feature of Campina Performance AMF is the remarkably strong natural taste, which has a constant quality throughout the year.

The main difference with Campina’s Original AMF is that the Original has a standard melting point between 30 and 33 degrees, while the melting point of Campina Performance AMF can be exactly determined within a broad range. This is done by fractionation technology, which only few companies have perfected to the level of FrieslandCampina’s. This unique skill allows us to compose the perfect type of Campina Performance AMF for every imaginable industrial application. Each type of this high-quality range is carefully composed to reliably melt at the desired temperature.

  • Performance AMF MP10-MP21
    Performance AMF MP10-MP21
  • Performance AMF MP28-MP34
    Performance AMF MP28-MP34
  • Performance AMF MP35-MP41
    Performance AMF MP35-MP41

Some examples:

Our range of low-temperature Campina Performance AMF’s, with melting points ranging from 10 to 21 degrees, is very suitable for the production of dairy spreads, due to their rich taste and easy spreading. Yet these low-temperature AMF’s are also used by ice cream producers to provide an extra rich flavor and create the desired melting behavior on consumption. Product Sheet | Campina Performance AMF MP10-MP21 (pdf)

Our mid-temperature range of Campina Performance AMF’s, with melting points from 28 to 34 degrees, are the most flexible of our Performance products. With every possible packaging and delivery option available, the only fixed features are a delicious natural taste and consistent quality. This flexibility is further enhanced by a wide choice of additional ingredients, depending on the specific application and production method. That’s why this range of Performance AMF’s are the favorite choice of many industrial bakeries for a very wide range of dough batters, used to produce cake, brioche, biscuits, panettone and many other popular delicacies. Product Sheet | Campina Performance AMF MP28-MP34 (pdf)

Our range of Campina Performance AMF-products, with a higher melting point of 35 to 41 degrees, are perfect for industrial bakeries performing in higher-temperature environments. With a composition perfected for high-quality taste and maximum plasticity, these Performance variants are especially suited for laminated dough products, such as croissants and puff pastry. The liquid variants of MP36 and MP41 are primarily used by the margarine industry, appreciated for their exquisite taste and user-friendly product declaration.  Product Sheet | Campina Performance AMF MP34-MP41 (pdf)

Our application technologist can help you when choosing the perfect Performance AMF for your specific application. Please contact us for more information.