Performance Butter

Our Campina Performance Butters are part of our Performance range, especially designed to meet the highest possible quality standards in the food industry. Each performance butter is composed of only the very best of our milk fats, and gets constantly improved for specific delicate production processes, primarily in bakeries. The milk is derived from the cows of our own member-farmers, guaranteeing both its traceability and the exquisite natural taste.

We offer three different high-quality Campina Performance Butters:

  • Performance Butter MP31
    Performance Butter MP31
  • Performance Butter Lamin MP33
    Performance Butter Lamin MP33
  • Performance Butter MP35
    Performance Butter MP35
  • Campina Performance Butter MP31: known for its very high plasticity, which significantly enhances the quality of end products, making it the perfect ingredient for laminated dough products (chilled pastry), batters and roll dough. It’s particularly appreciated among viennoiserie producers for its lack of water release, leading to a more cost-efficient production process.  Product Sheet | Campina Performance Butter MP31 (pdf)
  • Campina Performance Butter Lamin MP33: its composure is optimized for the production of firm yet very elastic laminated dough, making it the best choice for producing tasty and voluminous laminated dough products. Many industrial bakeries particularly benefit from this Performance Butter’s unique results, leading to smoother production processes, lower production costs and tailor-made adjustments for specific functions in their processing. Product Sheet | Campina Performance Butter Lamin MP33 (pdf)
  • Campina Performance Butter MP35: the outstanding plasticity grants puff pastry products an extra airy and crispy character, making this the butter of choice for producers of puff pastry and laminated dough delicacies. This Performance Butter performs especially well in bakeries with higher temperature conditions and low-ventilated areas. Product Sheet | Campina Performance Butter MP35 (pdf)