Our credo is to Bring out the best! We strive to bring out the best in our own products and processes, to eventually bring out the best in the products and processes of our customers. This is what drives our innovation towards new perspectives and new applications, leading not only to new products, but to new specialties!

The specialties we’ve developed are what separates us from other competitors, as they offer even more quality and benefits to our customers and their end products.

Our specialties

  • We’ve especially composed Campina Butter Boost to enhance the natural butter flavor of end products, by adding no less than 2.5 times the amount of flavor compounds compared to Original AMF. The composition also guarantees a low melting point, to avoid crystallization when used in liquid processes. That makes Campina Butter Boost the perfect ingredient to add that lovely distinctive taste of natural butter to your spreads and liquid oils (for frying and baking). Product Sheet | Campina Butter Boost (pdf)
  • Campina Crisp ChoQ is one of our top-quality milk fat specialties, specifically designed for the chocolate industry. It significantly increases the fracture behavior and firmness of chocolate products, while also improving the melting behavior on consumption. That makes Campina Crisp ChoQ the perfect replacement for standard AMF for any kind of chocolate product. Product Sheet | Campina Crisp ChoQ (pdf)
  • Campina Silky ChoQ belongs to our high-quality range of milk fat specialties, developed and perfected for specific applications within the chocolate industry. It significantly enhances the taste of butter in chocolate, compared to regular milk fat. It also grants your chocolate products a softer bite, without affecting their melting point. Product Sheet | Campina Silky ChoQ (pdf)