Traditional butter

Butter is a natural product made of delicious fresh cream ─ as you can taste. It’s no wonder why butter is more and more preferred over margarine or vegetable fats. Being rich in taste, fairly and honestly produced and with lots of natural nutrients such as vitamins A,D,E, and K, butter simply adds value to your product.

Our brand Campina Traditional Butter offers butter products which are all churned by traditional methods. The recipe in our butter is defined by tradition as well, as cream will always be the only ingredient. Our butters are processed from pasteurized cream, supplied by our own dairy farm members. Only the very best grades of cream are used, guaranteeing a consistent high quality.

Summer and winter butter

Butter tends to change in color and texture throughout the year, as a result of seasonal changes in the cows’ diet. There’s a distinction between the softer summer butter, and the slightly firmer winter butter. Where the winter variants are particularly suited for industrial bakeries, summer butters are more popular among consumer products for its delicious taste and easy spreading.

Our Campina Traditional Butter is produced in FrieslandCampina’s factories in the Dutch cities of Lochem and Den Bosch. We guarantee a consistent high quality for all our products, as well as flexible and very reliable delivery services. Because we manage the full production chain from grass to glass ourselves, our Traditional Butters are always available and can be retraced to their original source.

Two products deserve special attention

Campina Traditional Butter: is made throughout the year and the perfect choice for the production of cakes, brioches and biscuits. Its composition makes it also very suitable for the production of ice cream. Product Sheet | Campina Traditional Butter (pdf)

Campina Traditional Butter Winter Prestige: this butter is only produced during the winter season. It’s the preferred choice for producers of laminated dough products, such as croissants or chocolate buns. Product Sheet | Campina Traditional Butter Winter Prestige (pdf)

Our Campina Traditional Butter is also shipped to our customers around Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, in boxes of 25 kilograms. These butters are then processed to consumer amounts of butter, available in retail outlets under several different brands. Butter Repack